Nov 5, 2010

Fernando Meets the Other 4-Legged Friends

Fernando is settling in well with the rest of the family unit around here. First off, he met my two dogs, Yordi and Montana.

Yordi wasn't too wild about sharing his pad with Fernando, but at least he didn't eat him.  Fernando was busy eye-balling my EliptiGo, I think we need to take him for a spin sometime.

Montana picked up poor Fernando in her mouth, then realized he wasn't a treat and spit him out!  She felt kind of bad after that so...
She let him crawl up on her side and hang out awhile.

Fernando picked out a cushy spot to sleep, in a bed for the fake dog that sits on our bed.  He was sawing some serious logsyesterday morning when I got him up to go on the dog walk to the off -leash park, before the sun was up!  He isn't very pleasant when you get him up early...

Just starting to get light when we head up the trail to the top of the mesa.  Fernando takes a break on the bench.

 Fernando posed on the bridge across the slough before we started climbing a bit more.

 The sun is coming up now, and we are up on top of the Mesa.  This is a very poor shot, but Fernando is on the ground in front of Montana.  He was kind of dogging it... (see what I did there, that is called a little play on words)

Fernando perked up at the view of Longs Peak, I think I need to get him up in the mountains.

 On the way back down, and we stopped to check out the pond.  He wanted to go roll in the mud, and I said no.

Almost back to the car now and one more shot on the bench with Montana keeping tabs over him.  Her protective motherly instincts are kicking in now.


  1. What a lucky dog, uh, I mean pig, to be living in such a gorgeous place!

    (I can't believe you got up early to shoot this. I'm dedicated...but not that dedicated).

  2. They'll like Fernando much more once he's been smoked over a low heat for several hours. ;-)

  3. Aww, dang it, now I actually want Fernando to visit me so I can show him around Chicago!

  4. Can we take Fernando to Perkins for breakfast?? and Eggs.., No Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.....NO. Oh well I guess not.

  5. Aw. Such pretty pooches...and the pig too.

  6. No mud rolling...dang it...the dogs would have joined in I am sure of it.

  7. I can't believe your dogs didn't eat him.

    They are obviously Jewish.

  8. what? no mud rollin?? why not?? Oh, wait-- 'cuz once he's in he's one o' them pigs that'll never come back OUT again until YOU go in and dragg his pink piggy lil' butt out FOR him, hay??

    Probably a good idea...

  9. They didn't eat him because he's not big enough.. yet..

    Beautiful photos of your morning walk!

  10. yordi and montana want fernando to bring home the bacon

    (those dogs are lucky to have such a great place to live! and great owners

  11. *shhh...don't tell Fernando, but I think I ate his cousin for dinner.


  12. I love this post

  13. How long is Fernando visiting? Maybe I could meet him... Meet you at the hogback?!

  14. With all the healthy living that Fernando is doing at your place, I wonder if he thinks he's in rehab?