Nov 7, 2010

The Wild West Relay; It's Only a Flesh Wound Rides Again!

This is from my post about the 2009 Relay, just to get you up to speed:

My wife, Kathy, has run with the same core group of people for about 5 years now. They got together to form a relay team when they heard about the Wild West Relay. This relay goes from Fort Collins Colorado to Steamboat Springs Colorado, traveling mostly on small side roads and even cattle roads. They go all the way up into Wyoming for a leg, before dropping back into Colorado for the finish.

Kathy has also run with the same group in the Colorado relay, which goes from Georgetown Colorado over to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. That one is longer, and has more altitude to deal with, but the team likes the Wild West better because it goes over less traveled roads.

Their team name is "It's Only A Flesh Wound", and they are one of the better masters teams in the races. Last year they finished second in the Wild West!

Now here is their team video from the 2010 race they did!

One of the team members was Skylers 6th grade principal, and he is a great guy.  He is one of the few who believed in Skyler when we were in school, and he makes the team a video after each race.  I thought I would share last years with you also:


  1. lets get Kathy in the NYC marathon next year!

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  3. One day she'll stop running long enough for you to catch her.

  4. how amazing...i just wish i could do more than a slow trot

    great job

  5. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I love Hootie. Awesome song to go with that Vid.

    Rock on SkyMom.