Nov 21, 2010

Road Trip! Part 3: It's a big damn dam.

Updated: Uh yeah, about those pictures all over the place and the spacing issues?  The new blogger editor sucks...

I will be posting some video of the airshow in one of the next postings, but am having a bit of trouble trying to clean it up and figure out how to join a bunch of different videos into one decent one.  My camera is a pretty poor one, and you view through a pop out screen on it.  So there is not a viewfinder to look through and zoom up close with.  Needless to say, in bright light with fast moving jets, I lost them and lost focus a lot.

But I did get some decent pictures and video of a Sunday morning trip out to Hoover Dam and the new Memorial bridge.  They just completed the bridge, and it is amazing!  All of the traffic on the highway used to have to wind down a curvy road and go across the top of the dam.  Now it bypasses the dam and goes over the bridge.

This is at the start of the trail that takes you to the bridge.

The start of the bridge.

This is the old curvy road that goes across the dam

The dam from center span.

Plaque showing the construction story.

You can't go any farther.  I was hoping it would take you under the bridge and you could see the downstream side.

That is the parking structure to tour the dam.

Oddly enough, the center of the span is not the state line between Arizona and Utah.

This was interesting, these are where they took the core samples of the rock to see if it would support the bridge.

Artsy shot...

From the parking structure.

This is one of the two large collectors where the water enters into the turbines.

And now for Fernando's tour of the dam and bridge!

My shirt is my "Label" shirt I got at an inclusion conference.  It says Feisty and non-compliant.


Now for some video of all the stuff you just saw:


  1. AWESOME pictures!!

    Have you ever tried Windows Live Writer? That's what Scope and I use to do our blogs and then import the posts into Blogger. It bypasses Blogger's issues like magic!! :-)

  2. I haven't been to Hoover Dam in...a pig's age! Speaking of, it's a good thing Fernando is looking up, because that last pic makes me dizzy!

    And I write my posts in Notepad (because I'm fancy) then cut and paste into the old Blogger editor. Anytime they "upgrade", you know it's only going to *f* things up. lol!

  3. AWESOME...Those are some great pics.

    Sorry, but that Fernando can be such a little pig sometimes.

  4. Too bad you and Fernando didnt do the Zip line at the Strosphere, but maybe he could have bungeed off the dam or the bridge.

  5. Don't drop me...LOL!

  6. Hey, that "artsy shot" you took? I have a very similar 20"x30" print hanging on my wall! (I have four or five of my photos framed in cheap poster frames, hanging about the hovel.) Oddly enough, that's the shot that gets the most comments...

    My word verification for this comment is higoitym. Sounds like an old Yiddish man clearing his throat...

  7. holeee shit, that's amazing on so many levels. And is it really nice to mess with Fernando's head like that?!

  8. Look at that dam pig! Just don't look down. Very nice addition to the Travels of F von B!

  9. I did not know a such thing as a Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge existed.

    Dam, that's awesome.