Nov 24, 2010

Road Trip! The final frontier...

I will wrap up the air show bits and stop boring you senseless now (promises, promises I hear you all say) and put up some links to a bit of video from the air show.  I still have a bit of Fernando to post but that will come later.

To set the stage for the pathetic video clips you are about to see, I have a JVC handheld that has no viewfinder and one of those pop out screens to look through.  It is fine for the occasional home movie, video of Skyler and the dogs and whatever.  But outside in the bright light tracking high speed jets, it rather lacks shall we say...

In order that they were taken, here we go.

B-25 rollout and flying

A-1 and B-25 startup, flying, rollout

Viet Nam era SAR demo

F-18 Demo

F-18 and Grumman F6F Hellcat

F-86, P-40, P51

F-22 and Heritage flight

A-10 and rollouts

F-22 Raptor

Heritage flight

F-16 and Helo inflight refuel demo

Thunderbird Demo


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I remember going to airshows with my Dad and my brother when I was kid. My favourite part of the show was when one of the planes (couldn't tell you the name of it) would fly so fast it would break the sound barrier and then we'd hear the big sonic boom. - G

  2. Thank you. This is almost better than sex.
    My not-so-expert opinions:
    I could listen to the sound of it FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!
    Because I'm in the generation that grew up with jets, those little old buggers don't intimidate me much, but if I was North Korea circa 1952, they would scare the shit out of me. I get it.
    That F-18 was barely off the ground and managed to bank right and actually get up in the air at the same time! I've never seen a plane do that. I've probably watched it five times.
    The F-22s are ugly. But that's just cuz I'm a girl and I think about those kinds of things. :)
    Heritage flights are ALWAYS cool.