Nov 11, 2010

Veterans Day

If you have been following this little corner of the electronic world for awhile, you know that I am a veteran of the Navy.  I have written quite a bit about those days, which I mostly remember fondly and with pride.  But it wasn't always a good time, hours of boredom punctuated by moments of panic.  And there was the busy work... Oh hell yes they like to keep you busy! 

But all in all, it was a great experience that I wouldn't trade to this day.
If you are interested in my first post about it, go here.

Today, I just want to remind everyone that whether or not you support any particular political party, candidate, or doctrine, there are a lot of average Joe's that have given up their lives because they thought it would make a difference.  Give them a pat on the back or a hug today.

Want to know more about Veterans Day and how it started?  Go here.

In my opinion, this should be required viewing on this day:

And finally, if you want to see a movie that will break your heart, check out Taking Chance.


  1. Thanks for serving. Happy Veteran's Day!

  2. I LOVe the TerryKelly song. His website is great!

    My daughter is thinking of joining the Navy although she hasn't made up her mind yet.

    Happy Veterans Day to you!!

  3. Thank you for you service.

  4. I still think about that movie. Thanks for recommending it.

  5. Thank you for your service, and thanks to your family for their sacrifice.

  6. The post about your friend never fails to choke me up.

    I did take your suggestion and Netflixed "Taking Chance." Great movie.

  7. ((((THANKFUL HUGS))))

  8. I didn't have any veterans to hug and my veterinarian said they were an entirely different species...

    However, I did buy and wear a poppy in remembrance. So thank you. And everyone like you. :)