Nov 1, 2010

(In my best Oprah voice) Guess Who's Heeeeeere?

Take a little peek at who has arrived here in Casa Del Sky-Dad?

That's right bloggers, it is none other than our world traveling  international man of swine, Fernando Von Bakonstein!!  Those of you who have been around the bloggy bend a few trips would remember the now retired site International House of Blogcakes written by McGone, and featuring guest writer Fernando:

After spending quite some time with our friend Gwen over at Everything I like causes cancer, Fernando arrived at my door in his specially designed travel coach (read mailing envelope) looking a little haggard from all of Gwen's attention and in need of a good detox.

Once he has dried out enough to try and make himself understood, I will take him around the land that we know as Colorado and see how he likes it a mile high.  
Wait... that didn't come out right.

Anywho, stay tuned to this bat-channel for more adventures of our Pork-based friend, the good Doctor Von Bakonstein!


  1. Here's the most complete listing of Fernando's travels (although I've missed a few post-IHoB trips) and a bit of an introduction for the uninitiated:

    And it's good that you're giving him an alibi for this fiasco:

    Word verification is "Splat" which kind of goes well with that last link.

  2. (Sorry about the copy and pasting on those links... I'm rusty at this blogging thing and forgot to make them live links.)

  3. woohoo! I'm down with FvB (yeah you know me)

  4. Pfffft! I'm imagining the look on Kathy's face when that showed up in the mail. Hee hee hee.

  5. Damn dirty swine will never visit me. Or will he?

  6. Thanks for filling in the blanks McGone, and we really miss you out here!

  7. So, is he like the Flat Stanley of the blog world?

    I dreaded those projects when my daughter was in grade school. I was always tempted to put Flat Stanly in inappropriate situations, such as photographing him in a compromising position with Flat Susie.

    I discovered that for some reason first grade teachers don't find that amusing.

  8. It's better than getting Swine Flu. I agree with BeckEye...I want that pig! ; )

  9. Oh, Fernando, how I have missed you upon these magical tubes of the interwebs!

    And now I have that damned ABBA song stuck in my head. Thanks, pig.

  10. I miss the pig!