May 15, 2007

It's been 10 years and I still miss him

My sister called last night to remind me that it has been 10 years since our dad passed away today. She knows me and knows that I do not remember dates worth a damn, but I do remember all of the circumstances around it.

My mom had been in poor health for quite awhile, and we had always expected to someday get a call from our dad to tell us that mom passed away. But it turns out that dad's heart ran out of ticks. He was complaining to mom about having an upset stomach, and asked her if they had any antacid or something. Turns out that was the last thing he ever said, he had a massive heart attack and went fast. I suppose we should all be so lucky.

We had really great parents growing up, that always supported us in everything we did, and gave us everything we needed when we didn't have a lot of money for extras. You always hear horror stories of bad parents, or even parents who just didn't give a damn. Not us, we had it good.

I loved my mom a lot also but dad was special to me. He gave me my love for sports, my quirky sense of humor, and probably my foul mouth (but I blame that on the Navy). Dad was supportive without being pushy, and I don't think he ever was mad at me for not loving baseball as much as he did.

This is one of the only pictures I could find of the 3 guys together, back when Skyler was really little. I remember this being taken when we stopped by on our way to a Christmas concert with the singing group I belonged to at the time.

I have 2 pictures that hang in our house that I really love. This first one is when dad was 18, he was driving the first hydraulic front-end loader that the state of Colorado ever had. He started working for the maintenance department and then transferred over to the core of engineers, where he worked until he retired after 35 years.

The second picture is actually a collage that his crew made for him before he retired, thanking him for all of his work. It's pretty cool, showing people he worked with, jobs he did that got awards, and lots of funny stuff like a full house (they played a lot of poker also).

So here's to you dad, I miss you a lot, especially when the football game is over and you always used to call and chat about it. Sorry you had to miss the Broncos finally winning back to back super bowls!


  1. He looks like a cool dad. I'm glad you have good parents.

    I'm lucky with my mom that way, too.

  2. Those are some sweet memories, friend. I'm glad you have those in your life.

  3. What a nice rememberance of your father. It's such a pleasure, in this age of people whining about the failures of their parents being responsible for their own failings, to hear someone tell about how great his parent was and how much he misses him. You are definitely your father's son in being a nice guy.

  4. What I remember about Dad was his really quirky sense of humor. The acting out of fairy tales and such and the quite unique manner of swearing. It was always the same and always ended with "Mona". Like she could really fix what ever was wrong. Usually she could. They would have been married 57 years yesterday and I'm greatful that he did not pass away on their anniversary. We were very lucky in having outstanding parents.

  5. wonderful story. you made me smile and cry at the same time.

    PS. your dad kinda looks like Hugh Hefner

  6. Teri: He was a very cool dad!

    Michael: Sweet indeed, I am happy to have had him for my dad.

    JY: Thanks for the compliment!

    Sandi: I forgot about the fairy tales! Remember Goldilocks where he had the towel on his head?

    Cheer: I think dad wouldn't have worn the PJ's much, he was more of a tighty whitey guy!

  7. Anonymous6:21 AM

    He seemed like a fine man, indeed.

  8. I really love the collage - here's to your dad, who's outfit I like better than yours in that photo.

  9. Thanks Dick, he was!

    GKL: Always about my lack of fashion, isn't it? ;^)

  10. Anonymous9:42 AM

    "lack of fashion"???? NO way. TOtally cool.

  11. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I can dig this. My mom passed on 10 years ago back in March of '06 and it was impossible not to think 'bout her all month. And then to realize that she's been gone a DECADE.... Whooo-whhooooo.

    Lovely tribute.