May 9, 2007

Safety Quiz

Gentle Readers,

Several situations have come up recently where I believe that reader safety has been compromised at the expense of cheap humor. As a result of this practice, I felt obligated to pass along a rather simple quiz to all of you that should only take a few moments of your time.

Please review the following pictures and share with all of us any potential safety issues that you may see.


  1. Nope could not see any hazards. I am still laughing. Where does this humor come from!?

  2. PS. You and Johnny Yen are connected in some way. The two of you have similar posts today, and reading your other posts shows a thread of common interests that is almost ESPish, cosmic, spiritually connected, ?????.

    Are you related?

  3. ahahahaha, loved that last picture

  4. Cheer: I have an amazing collection of joke-passing friends. On an average day, I receive about 10 different jokes, video clips, pictures from different people.

    I have learned to read and process them quickly!

    As far as Johnny and I are concerned, it's time the truth came out...

    We are twin sons from different mothers.

    Teri: The last was my fav also!

  5. I didn't get this at first. But now I do and I find it pretty funny.

  6. Plumber butt crack is the worst kind of accident. The worst.

  7. Grant: Somehow I feel that there isn't anything you don't get.

    GKL: Nah, hideously fat women in thong tops that any day!

  8. I see no problems with any of the pictures.


  9. Hey, wasn't the guy in the second picture, with the big biker mustache, construction helmet and feather boa in The Village People?

    "As far as Johnny and I are concerned, it's time the truth came out...

    We are twin sons from different mothers"

    I'm so relieved that the truth can finally be revealed!

    My son, the comic genius, actually has a pair of the glasses featured in picture #4. He only occasionally wears them while operating a table saw.

    He also has the water-squirting camera. He's old school when it comes to humor.

  10. Anonymous5:01 AM

    What an idiot! that plumber is using a 5/8 wrench instead of a 3/4!!!

    and the dude standing in the fishtank-- what the hell is that pipe doing that comes out of the ground, turns and goes right back INTO the ground??

    the dude with the table saw-- did you see that there's two suction pipes for the sawdust collector and the one on the left is MISSING A PIPE!!

    this shit just makes me shudder-- it's no WONDER so many people are hurt on the job!!

  11. Great one, S.D.!

  12. JY: Old school humor is sometimes the best (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

    BO: I always knew you were a detail man...

    Raven: You are NOT a detail person! ;^)

    Chris: Thanks dude, you set the bar mighty high for humor!

  13. My illustrious Fortune 100 employer has a form that should be submitted for any potentially unsafe condition. The form is called Safety (and) Corrective Action Tracker: SCAT. Almost everywhere I look, I see SCAT!

  14. You jinxed me with the plumber's crack - now I have to look at one today and it's all your fault!!!

  15. SV: The acronym police didn't flag that one?

    GKL: My bad, and sorry again about the hot water heater!