May 10, 2007

My ghost story

Johnny Yen posted a ghost story yesterday that brought back this memory for me.

This happened about 20 years ago, when my wife and I were living in our first house. I was home alone with our 2 dogs, Rambo and Aspen. We had a small place that had a stairway that the base was right by the front door. Here is a picture that shows me, the dogs, and you can see the stairs in the background.

I was watching TV, the dogs were hanging out on the floor beside me, and their was a knock at the door. I opened it and nobody was there, and thought maybe I had just heard things. But the dogs were all fuzzed up and growling, so they knew that something was there.

So, I close the door thinking it was kids or something, and went back to the couch to sit down. The dogs continue to growl and are worked up, and then there is another knock. Now the dogs are barking, and pretty agitated, and I go throw open the door hoping to catch the kids.

No kids, nothing there. So I turn around and come back inside, and both dogs are just sitting there, hair all up, and both of their heads are turning at the same time, watching something go up our stairs.

Creepy, creepy, I didn't see a thing, but both of the dogs knew something was there, I swear!

I grabbed my shoes, grabbed their leashes, and we headed out. I must have walked them for about 2 hours that night before I came home.

That was the only experience I have ever had that comes close to a ghost siting.


  1. Kids and dogs know.

    I love the dogs! They look very happy and content to be sitting and snuggled with you.

  2. I didn't have anything that dramatic, but once my tape player went on without me touching it. You had to push a button for it to play. I was on the other side of the room and it just started playing, by itself. There was no timer mechanism.

  3. Cheer: Those were our first pups we got when we started living together. Golden Retriever and Lab mixes. Big, friendly guys!

    Dick: That is still way creepy, like out of the movies.

  4. Maybe the ghost was dyslexic and it was knocking at the back door?

  5. Perhaps you scared the ghost away with those massive spectacles. How 'bout them '80s.

  6. GKL: I watch Ghost Whisperer, and she says ghosts don't carry any of there earthbound limitations with them to the afterlife.

    So there you have it from the ultimate authority!

    SV: Ouch! You know, I have seen dudes playing racketball with less eye protection than those glasses.

  7. I love the dog names Rambo and Aspen. Certainly the ghost was scared of Rambo.

  8. Grant: Thanks, I need to re-use the Rambo name at some point, maybe our next dog.

  9. Just blog hopping and I stopped to read this 'ghost story'.
    It sure is creepy ....

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  10. Hi! I found your blog through Suzel's Sass and had to read your ghost story. Very creepy. Animals seem to pick up lots more than we do. My cat creeped me out recently by staring into the corner of my bathroom. She isn't usually spooked by the bathroom and goes in there for a drink from the faucet. But this time her ears were back and it took her awhile to get back to normal.