May 22, 2007

So we meet again, eh Trebek?

Stealing this from Vikki who stole from McSweeney, and I am stealing from SNL...

Categories in which I'm pretty sure I could best all-time Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings:

1) Things your mother said in bed last night.
2) Ethnic slurs.
3) Things that make you go "ouch".
4) Your ass or a hole in the ground.
5) Name that disease.
6) Audio Daily Doubles of animal farting sounds.
7) Words that rhyme with cat.
8) Plays by Shakespeare about Venice Merchants.
9) Sexual Aids.
10) And finally, Anti-Submarine Warfare strategies against Soviet Alpha class subs.


  1. I love SNL's version of Jeopardy and the contestants! How funny.

  2. To my liking, that is Darrel Hammons best impression!

  3. I think you'd bat 1.000

  4. Spooney3:06 PM

    An Album

    "Alec, I'll take anal bum for 400"

  5. Grant: So, you're a stats guy, eh?

    Spooney: He he he

  6. Celebrity Jeopardy is a great spoof. Norm MacDonald doing Burt Reynolds -- oh man. Tobey Maguire doing Keanu Reeves ("I know kung fu!"), Jimmy Fallon as Robin Williams...hilarious stuff.

    My favorite SNL game show take-off of all time, though, was called "Common Knowledge," in which the questions were taken from a certain encylcopedia, but answers were based on a survey of high school seniors.

    I'll take Shakespeare Plays about Venice Merchants for $300!

  7. Michael: My favorite SNL game show parody was "Old French Whore" where old hookers were paired with honors high school students in a Jeopardy like format.

  8. "I think my whore is dead."

    I loved Food, Sex, or Cars. Just brilliant: "A head of lettuce, Shirley Hemphill, or a '79 Pinto." I would have been proud to wet myself at that moment.