May 5, 2007

We live for today

Skyler is one of the managers for the Pomona High School swim teams, girls and boys. The coach has been really great about getting him included in team activities and lot's of the kids are really nice to him. It has been a good experience for him, and we have had fun. Skyler takes video and pictures of the team, and writes articles for a local newspaper to tell how the team is doing.

Skyler has some pre-programmed buttons on his communications device that we can type in questions, and then Skyler interviews someone while we jot down the answers. We recently interviewed one of the team members that is an exchange student from Palestine, the Gaza Strip, Tamer. I wanted to share some Tamer's interview with you all:

Tamer spends his summers swimming in the sea in his country. Swimming in a pool has been a new experience for him, but he likes it. Tamer said, "I love swimming freestyle and backstroke. But my favorite event is the Relay and their starts, because they show everybody's team spirit and competition." Tamer's goals this season are to have fun, make friends, win some meets and get into better shape.

Coach Griffiths said, "We are very lucky to have two great exchange students on the team. Tamer had to learn how to put his face in the water since he is used to swimming in the sea.

During a thunderstorm the other day at the pool, Tamer said "That is what the bombs sound like in my country. When we hear that sound, we all fall to the ground." He is worried about his family and his country and what he will find when he returns in early June. But, even with these fears Tamer has a wonderful, happy attitude. "We live for today. We don't plan for tomorrow because we don't know what will happen today", said Tamer.

I spoke with a friend of mine I work out with in the morning who has a son on the team. I mentioned Tamer's interview, and he said to me that Tamer told his son that they are lucky that they are not poor. They can afford a house with large blocks that stop the bullets from going through.

So, just when I start to feel a little sorry for myself, Karma has a way of giving you a little helmet slap...


  1. Very neat post. We often forget how lucky we are.

  2. I love Karma, and try hard to put the positive out there.

    I thank the angels that guide me, and for the life I have. Thank you for your post.

  3. Chris: Thanks a lot, we are lucky indeed!

    Cheer: One of my friends has a wonderful Karma expression for people who are acting like jerks:

    "Don't worry, the universe is self-correcting"