Mar 29, 2007

Can you save the Bunny?

I am sitting at DFW airport waiting to see if I will ever get on a flight to come home. Lot's of thunderstorms down here. So I was trying this game I found at Silicon Valley in their online newsletter.

Kinda funny, a bunch of people waiting looking over my shoulder rooting my on in my bunny surgery...


  1. "Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit."

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Have a safe flight home, dad!!!

  3. Anonymous4:54 AM

    SD: I hope you made it out okay. It was good seeing you again.
    We should've had a Guinness or two together at the airport, specially since we were at the same terminal.

    I rushed to the gate for the early flight, and politely asked if I could board the flight that was sitting at the gate. The two dedicated airline employees, *BIG SHOUT-OUT for AMERICAN AIRLINES*, looked irritated at me for interrupting their personal conversation, paused, said no, and continued speaking, willing me back under the piece of cheese from which I'd obviously crawled.
    many character building hours later
    Well, it's the next day, 5:30AM and I'm sitting in the airport, hoping that I'm going to get on the next flight out of here.

    My flight was bumped from 3:00 to 3:30, to 3: 55, and finally 5 something.

    I was "randomly" selected, along with 6 other poor souls and told that extra fuel was needed for the plane to negotiate the weather, so our seats were sacrificed because we'd purchased low-cost tickets.
    I was put up in a "hotel" from hell that was 45 minutes away. I had to wait for 75 minutes for the shuttle to pick me up. Imagine my joy when I waved my dinner voucher at the hotel and asked for directions to the restaurant, only to be told that they "have no dining facilities and the airline *always* tells people that they can dine there"


  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    damn, I didn't know a minute could go by so damned fast!!

    (SOMEONE has waaaay too much time on their hands, thankee)