Mar 19, 2007

From South Park: Alabama Man!

Just use the action button and Alabama man busts his wifes lip open!

Only South Park can get away with this.


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM


    hey, does Mr. S. have a tux? Mine goodwife is a pageant designer and state level director, and she's planning to put on a pageant later this year where the proceeds go to autism. All age groups of differently abled folken are welcome to partake of the affair regardless of physical, mental or emotional conditions, and I think y'all need to get the hell outta' Dodge and down to Dixie for a bit (well, maybe not "Dixie" exactly as it'll probably be in Orlando, but the sun will do you a lotta' good! Plus, the air is thicker here: we're on average only about 20' above sea level!!)

    Wanted to tell you early so you can start squirrling away $$$ for the plane tix.

  2. Sounds like an awesome time, but Skyler doesn't travel well. We generally stick pretty close to home, within short driving distance!

    Good luck with the pageant, thanks again.