Mar 13, 2007

Meet the S Curve

I already emailed some of my friends to vent and bitch, but now I am over it and ready to face what has to happen. As much as we have tried to avoid it, it would appear that more surgery is in Skylers future. We have really been active in Physical Therapy, and he has had a custom seating system all of his life that supports him. But all of that and the stretching and whatever else doesn't make up for his brain that continually fires the wrong messages out to his muscles. So the end result is a spine pulled every which way.

So, we are going to have to have the granddaddy of all of the ortho surgeries, where they lay open the back, straighten it out, place 2 metal rods along the side of the spine and screw them in. This is quite invasive, about 2 weeks in the hospital, and a long recovery.

Check out the X-ray, how about those curves? You can almost hear Jackie Stewarts voice with that British accent in the background when he used to do racing analysis... "And Mario Andretti looked brilliant as he headed through the chicane"...


  1. That looks like it hurts.

  2. It sounds awful, but I hope for a speedy recovery. Well, least as fast as it can be.

  3. We can talk on the phone if you need to vent some more, amigo. That's harsh stuff to deal with. I'd gladly be an ear for you.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    My very, very, very best wishes to you and your family during this. Take care.

    A picture speaks a thousand words, huh?


  5. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Doggone brains, sending the wrong damn signals... Mr. Munch woke me up at 4 AM after waking me up at 2 AM yesterday-- something in the Autie brain just doesn't need a whole helluva' lotta sleep...

    My bestest wishes and prayers to Mr. S.