Jul 14, 2007

A different perspective on the war

Our local CBS affiliate, channel 4, has a doctor on the staff that does medical stories like most stations do. I have met this guy and had the privilege of talking with him for a few minutes. The reason I like him, and how he talks about the war, is that his viewpoint is not a political one. His politics seem to run pretty much down the center, like my own. He is on his second tour over in Iraq now, volunteered for both to go and help take care of the troops. Here is a dispatch from him, and check out the video clip on the web page. I was struck by the statement he made that if we decided to leave tomorrow, it would probably take about 8 months to get everyone down into Kuwait. 8 months, holy shit...

Anyway, here is the link.

Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida served his first tour of duty in Iraq as a combat physician and in May 2007 headed back to care for the seriously injured in a field hospital. Hnida expected his second tour of duty to last about 4 months. The following is one of his dispatches from the hospital, located north of Baghdad.

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