Jul 12, 2007

Double dog dare right back at ya Michael

Michael has thrown down a double dog dare over at his place.

Here's the deal Michael, I will do the lawn chair balloon ride, if you do the worlds longest zip line.

Worlds Longest Zip Line - Watch the best video clips here

Now all we need to do is get to South Africa...


  1. um....I think i'll pass.

    I'm scared of heights.

  2. Oh dear god!!!!!! Looks like a job for GKL!

  3. That reminded me of Wally Schirra (played by Kristi's adopted actor Mark Harmon) taking the same ride down from the top of the Apollo spacecraft in the drill in the "We Have Cleared the Tower" episode (#3).

    I've promised a co-worker I'll go skydiving with him sometime. I'm actually looking forward to it.

  4. It's OK Teri, you can run the camera!

    Cheer: I'll bet Kristi would be up for it, besides, she would get to wear a wing.

    JY: I had that same thought when I saw it. I actually did one jump when I was stationed in Pearl Harbor in the Navy. I'll post about it sometime.

  5. Anonymous2:04 PM

    people are crazy.

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM

    reminds me of what my pal, Bloody Willy the Pirate had to say on such matters: "don't pay the Ferryman, mate, 'till 'e gets you to the other side!!"

  7. BO: I believe that you better pay these blokes who are strapping on your safety harness up front!

  8. Oh hell yes! I am all over that.

    It's a good thing aparthied is over, so my political objections wouldn't have made me seem chicken.

    Compared to lawnchair ballooning, this is a freakin' snap.

  9. Hell yea, I'd do that one. Can I bring my own harness and zip line?

  10. Michael and Kristi: I smell a big time road trip coming!

  11. I'm looking forward to that post SD!