Jul 26, 2007

I wish I has these kind of stones!

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  1. Wait, when did they videotape me?

    I do this kind of thing all the time. I hate rude, disrespectuful assholes, and have no problem calling them on it. I think it comes from teaching adolescent children for the last 17 years.

    In 1994, I took a trip to see an old friend in Frankfurt, Germany. I had to go downtown to get a passport. I'd had to wait in line for an hour to find that I had the wrong size picture. I had to run to another store to get the picture done, and stand in line for another hour. As the line crawled, a guy ran in, told the whole crowd standing in line that he had tickets for a flight tomorrow, and could he cut in front of us in line. I asked him if he had just filled out the application. He replied that he had. I told him 1, that they were not going to be able to process a new applicaton in one day (I think the bare minimum then was three days), and 2, to quote a sign my ex keeps on her desk, "Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency. Yes, I have a problem with it."

    Once I spoke up, others did too.

    Another thing I hate is idiots with 25 items in the "10 Items or Fewer" line in a grocery store. My old friend Chuck provided me with the perfect line for those occasions: Ask them, "What is it, that you can't read or you can't count?"