Jul 24, 2007

Trip report

Got back home from the inlaws last night, it is beyond great to be back! First off was the washing machine debacle I mentioned. This thing was really old and I pushed it over the limit with a half full tub. Aren't I a shit? They called a repair guy who came out and shook his head and pronounced it dead. Said the should get a new one, it would cost too much to fix. Grandpa calls a place and the can deliver in 4 days and take the old machine away. Grandma about passes out since she does several loads a day (why I don't know).

So I told them go someplace and pick one out you like, have the nice folks load it into the van, come home and I will install it...

And I got my revenge by putting the old one outside so it looks like they live in a trailer park in Tennessee until it gets picked up!

But Skyler got to spend time with his favorite cousin, Kirsten. She has come out to Colorado and gone to camp with him before as his aide, and she has the type of life everyone wants. She guides raft trips, teaches snowboarding, climbs mountains, is on the college wake-board and rowing team... Skyler doesn't look too happy here with her, but he was completely bonked by this time from all the noise.

And Kirsten brought her boyfriend, Roy to the party for everyone to meet. Really nice guy! He guides raft trips, kayaks, climbs, all the things she likes to do. Maybe she won't wear this one out!


  1. You, sir, are a hell of a guy. They'd better be nicer to you the next time you visit. Tell them I said so.

  2. How nice you installed it. I hope they said thank you. I love people like your niece (sp?). The boyfriend looks adorable.

  3. JY: What next time?

    Cheer: My Niece rocks! Her boyfriend is just who she deserves.

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Mission accomplished, you made nice with the in-laws while trashing their yard.

  5. Did you hook up the hot water to the cold and the cold to the hot?

  6. Just reading about your neice's life makes me tired. If she's still around ask her if she has any advise for first time white water rafters...I'm getting more nervous about this trip the closer it gets.
    You are too sweet to hook up that washing machine and redecorate their yard.

  7. Dude! Love the hair. (on the boyfriend)

  8. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Dude, Lowes delivers any appliance in stock next day. Aren't Lowes, like, everywhere?

    Then, even tho the washer always dies before the dryer they should be a matched set. You will be cursed forever now because the set won't work great together - and you KNOW it is your fault.

    Then, there is that picture of you to the right of the washing machine - just to remind them of who caused all of this.

    Doomed. You are doomed. :-)

    Your neice is adorable.

  9. I love road trips. Your Niece's boyfriend's hair is shinier than mine...no fair.