Jul 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

Johnny Yen has tagged me with 5 questions, and attached a tracking collar to me after hitting me with a tranquilizer dart by the way... So without further ado (or a sane thought process) here we go.

1. If you could be there to change just one event in history, what would it be?
Geeez, this is really hard! You have to think through all of the ramifications of your decision. It is like the Star Trek episodes when they go back in time...

Do I stop the Atomic bomb from being developed and dropped? Then over 2 million American lives lost is the conservative estimate for an attack on mainland Japan.

Do I kill Hitler before he came to power? Some say he was so stupid that is why several of his key blunders in decision making led us to win WWII.

Perhaps stop the assasination of JFK. I don't see any downside to that because from all I have read he was going to pull out of Viet Nam soon, and civil rights would have come to fruition earlier.

But I think as long as I am dreaming, the one thing I would change would be the development of all religeons. If we didn't have any differences in faith to argue over, imagine how many less wars and ongoing conflicts there would be?

2. If you could be any actor or actress who ever lived, who would it be, and why?
I think that I would be Tom Hanks. He has had the opportunity to play a number of different roles that I would like to play, be involved in projects that I find exciting (From the Earth to the Moon), his marraige seems by Hollywood standards to be pretty tight, and I think he is a pretty down to earth guy.

3. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon show?
Johnny Quest (the original one). I loved his adventures, and one of my best friends growing up used to come over and watch it with me because we were fortunate to get a color TV before a lot of other folks. (yeah that's right all you young whipper-snappers, color was new)

4. Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Stones. I absolutely can't stand the Beatles, I don't understand the god-like adoration of them. Actually, can I say none of the above?... Crosby, Stills Nash, and Young had more talent than both groups at their best.

5. If you could be any fictional literary figure ever, who would it be?
Dirk Pitt, from the series of Clive Cussler books about his adventures with NUMA. If you are unfamiliar with the books, they started with Raise the Titanic, and are great adventures that all have a common theme of something to do with underwater exploration. They always have an old classic car involved in them also, because Clive Cussler has quite the collection of old cars in real life. It is unfortunate that the movies made from his books have sucked big time.

I am tagging anyone who would like to respond.


  1. Yay Johnny Quest!

    I remember being really spooked out by that one-eyed spider robot.

  2. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Again, dude, check out The Venture Brothers. You can get the first season at Target if you don't have Netflix. They even have an episode that parodies the giant walking eye thing.

  3. Splotchy: Remember the one with the hydrofoil in the Sargasso sea? Pretty cool!

    Kirby: I will definately check it out, thanks!

  4. Johnny Qwest was the coolest ever. Did you notice that the Dad sort of has an Admiral Sandecker look to him. Maybe that's where the Dirk part comes in. Is Race Bannon reincarmated as Dirk Pitt?

  5. Sandi: You are right, Dr Quest did look like Sandecker! Maybe that is where Cussler got the idea for his series.

  6. I loved JQ. I wanted to name my first dog Bandit.

  7. Great great answers!

    1. I've had the same thought about Hitler, as have many historians. The Germans had rockets that were 20 years ahead of their time, jet fighters, and maybe the best officer corps in history. Yet, Hitler made horrendous decisions, like invading the Soviet Union.

    I think my choice might be JFK as well.

    2. Great choice! He does seem like a happy, centered guy.

    Kim and I just watched "Catch Me If You Can," and it just cemented him in my eyes as a great actor.

    I think my choice, though, would be Jimmy Cagney. I just queued up a bunch of his old gangster movies on Netflix-- "The Public Enemy," "White Heat" and "The Roaring Twenties."

    3. My favorite was Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote, but I loved Johnny Quest as well. Did you know that Tim Matheson (the guy who played "Otter" in Animal House) was the voice of Johnny Quest, as a kid?

    4. I never get tired of hearing that first CSN album.

    5. Interesting guy-- I just saw on the History Channel that he financed the expedition that found the Confederate submarine the Hunley.

  8. GKL: Bandit would be a cool name because there aren't a bunch of folks who would get the reference.

    JY: Thanks for the tag

  9. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Oooh, good stuff. Johnny Q is out on video, you know-- about $30 at Sam's club.

    as for fictional characters, I wanna be the Ghost of Christmas Future.