Jul 17, 2007

Inside the Googleplex

By Mercury News
Monday, July 16th, 2007 at 6:13 am in Inside Silicon Valley.

Mercury News columnist Dean Takahashi takes us on a quick tour inside Google’s famed Mountain View headquarters.

What must it be like to work for a company that has money coming out their ass?


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    *I* work for a company that has money coming out their ass, it's called TARGET. yesterday our goal was to gross $78,000. Last saturday our goal was to gross $138,000. Last fiscal year they grossed 50 BILLION DOLLARS.

    so, they have money coming out their ass, troo. How much of it do *I* see? $7/hr. And I walk and stand and lift heavy shit for 8 hours a day.

    On occasion someone will open a bag of Hershey Mini candybars at the daily meeting to make it all better.

    Remember, Chuck, unless you're the lead sled dog, the scenery never changes.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Oh, when I say "our goal", I don't mean the district OR the company-- I mean OUR ONE STORE was expected to make $78,000 between 8 AM and 10 PM.

    We actually brought in $79,580, which is even scarier. It would take me more than 2 years at my teacher's salery to make what we grossed IN ONE DAY.

    I'd have to work 1,239.8 days (at $7 an hour) to make what my one Target store made in 1 day.

    Luv ya', man, but I don't WANT to think about what it'd be like to work for a company w/$$$ comin out o' their ass 'cuz I know very, VERY little of it would actually come to MEEEE.

  3. I really liked the high-tech personal swimming pool in the video. I've heard they cost more than $100k!

    I, too, work for a large, profitable corporation. Today, an evil ogre from upper management gave me a restricted stock award that vests over 4 years (if I stick around for all 4 years, I can have all of the stock).

    Normally, my direct manager would have given me the award, but the evil ogre threw him under a bus a few months ago, so he is in the penalty box (not receiving any awards, among other things). She personally told a meeting of VPs and directors that she had no confidence in his project team, despite having managed them for the previous 3 years.

    My 15th anniversary is Sunday. Maybe I should call in sick on Monday...

  4. You don't have money coming out of your rear?

    I guess I should get that checked out then.

  5. I just googled "money coming out of your ass" and google.com came up.

  6. Sorry, my company's the best.

    I work for myself, have the air on to the temp I WANT, drink my own homemade tea, coffee, iced tea, and diet coke, put up my feet on the desk without censure, play games openly when I get bored, pet the cats who snuggle near me, play the music I like in the background, or listen-watch TV that is positioned to the left of computer monitor. Life is good working at home.

    I don't care how Google is to work for--I'm better. :)

  7. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Unless I get my own flying monkey assistant, I'm never going back to work for someone else. Ever.

  8. I agree, working for yourself is great but the health benefits really suck. All the big money coming out of my ass goes to Xcel, Qwest, and the like. But the screw up are all mine to keep for myself.
    I couldn't work in an office again. I'd be up on charges within the week!