Jul 31, 2007

It's one of those days

So I get all of my documentation all set to go, PDFs printed, files all zipped up and checked in, looking forward to being done. Then there is always the guy who decides to review things 2 days late, and says you know, it doesn't work quite that way...


  1. Even better when that's all he says.

    My daily SA-400 nightmare comment: "Are you sure this is what you meant to say? Really?" As if by merely hinting something was wrong, we'd both know what he referred to. Arg!

    Deep breaths, voodoo dolls, dark curses muttered from behind your frosted beer mug.

  2. Nice feedback on SA-400 Michael! He he he, has that course become any easier to teach over time?

    God I sure don't miss it, I thought I would but I really don't. I only miss the good people I had the chance to work with!

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    but you know, some people just NEED to be shot. Period.