Aug 8, 2007

It's not so much a meme as a way to prod you all for info!

Flannery posted about a writing exercise that I thought was interesting.

You have just finished writing your autobiography, which includes 10 different chapters. Write a title of each chapter in the book.

So I thought I would play along, and encourage the rest of you to post your own. Here are my chapter titles, and some explanations...

1. If you leave me alone, I won't spit in your face!
(mom had a hell of a time with me as a toddler. I just wanted to play by myself, and when grownups would pick me up, I would spit at them.)

2. Can I please wear something other than a flattop?

3. How I spent a year and a half at 40 pounds.
(my folks actually took me to the doctor because I didn't gain weight. He said "does he run around? Does he eat a lot? Take him home mom, he's OK)

4. Are you an Albino?
(my hair was beyond blond growing up)

5. I want bell bottoms! All the other kids have bell bottoms!
(mom wanted me to wear those Sears "toughskin" jeans because I tore through the knees of everything I owned in a matter of days)

6. I play the cornet because all the babes dig a musical guy.

7. You should sue those legs for non support!
(I was told this after somebody saw my legs in a basketball game)

8. You, you, and you are my downhillers.
(ski team coach told everyone to follow him to the bottom. After we got there, he turned around and me and 2 of my friends were right behind him. The rest were the slalom racers)

9. Are you sure we need to paint the bridgewing again chief?
(In previous posts I mentioned my dislike of busy work, and how I tended to question orders in the Navy)

10. I laugh so that I don't cry
(humor is a very important defense mechanism for me)


  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I remember Toughskins. My brothers hated them.

  2. Toughskins suck! I can still feel that texture...

    BTW: I'm a trumpet player...we should talk...

  3. It was almost impossible to bend your knees in those things!

  4. Flannery: I started about 8th grade as I remember and played through high school. Haven't picked the thing up in years and years, I probably have no lip left at all!

    Did you ever drop yours and get the mouthpiece stuck?

  5. I think we need a picture of the albino Chris!

  6. This is a blackmail threat!! I have control over the pictures. Just kidding.

  7. GKL and Sister dear... I don't think we need any more pictures of young Chris around here for awhile!