Aug 29, 2007

Until we meet again BO...

I went backwards through my post responses, and couldn't find the "angry dude" avatar...

Fair winds and following seas good sir.


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    ::sigh:: I never GOT a chance to USE that avitar, yet... Shit and goddamn...

    (can I say that now that I'm unemployed?? Is someone checking on me o'er here?? ::looks left, looks right::)


  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    you know, TODAY it was definitely NOT worth chewing thru the straps...

  3. I am missing something, what is this about

  4. I'm confused as well. That could be due to all the narcotics I just consumed, but I believe it may also be that this post is not completely clear.

  5. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Simple-- I got shitcanned from my job ostensibly because of the contents of my blog. My principal say to me, a student found my blog, here's your walkin papers.

    I don't believe that-- MY students, at least, have so much difficulty it would be nigh on impossible to find me in the 1st place and you'd have to do a LOT of cross-referencing and investigating to find out it was really ME writing (no identifying marks on the blog itself).

    Instead of telling me, "Big Orange, your personal blog is offensive to some people, I suggest you change it" I was SHITCANNED. I don't know if that was even legal because while I can be accused of making bad judgements and having a blog in poor taste, I did NOT do anything unethical or illegal. I doubt it's worth fighting City Hall on this one, though.

    So, because I'm such a sensitive soul and it bothers me that moms and dads and fellow staff members might be sitting around all day trying to read my stuff, I simply deleted my entire blog. 2 years of writing (some of it not 1/2 bad, I thought) down the electronic toilet.

    Sick, ain't it??


  6. In the words of Grant Miller, that is some fucked up shit.

  7. Anonymous1:02 PM

    This is not good news.