Aug 25, 2007

Tips for Big Orange

Or failing that, at least something to laugh at...

Could you have someone from Corporate America come in to give your class a pep talk?

But I suppose sitting down and having a heart to heart discussion could be another tactic...

In any case, good luck with the school situation, and hang in there. I bet you are going to rock that place!


  1. Anonymous5:40 AM

    A) I'm going to have those blownup to poster size!!

    B) no, I"m not going to rock the place, I'm going to do a good job until I can LEAVE the place. 60 more years of this shit? don't be silly.

  2. son says he wan't to go into "business." No real definition to is...just business. I think I'll print these out for him.

  3. BO: I hope you can find something that is both profitable and that you enjoy!

    Raven: At least he didn't say "bidness"...

  4. My father worked in corporate America for nearly 40 years, and loved Dilbert. He said he wondered if Scott Adams had secret cameras set up in his office.

    RE: the second one-- the New York Times has an article about how some low-performing schools now have 100% turnover rates. The fact of the matter is that nothing we teachers can do will work if the kids arrive at school unwilling to do the work, with families unwilling to make the kids work.

  5. JY: Scott Adams worked at Pac Bell as an ISDN programmer for years. He says the strip writes itself now that everyone emails into him what crazy things go on in their office.

    I agree on your second point. I remember growing up if I wasn't doing well at school I was first in trouble with the teacher, then my parents got a hold of me and I was in bigger trouble. Whatever happened to those days?

  6. My first boss at work (when I was a TSE) had a pointy-hair boss wig that he would put on for meetings. That was the only time I found him amusing.

  7. Maybe I'm out of line here, but it seems like so many parents want the teachers to raise their kids for them, and for their trouble Teachers make less than those in the military. Am I wrong? Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    It seems like we ask our teachers to do everything but change diapers, and turn out healthy productive citizens, ask them to jump through insane hoops, as well as a huge amount of paperwork that would have made Job slit his wrists, but we pay them like medievil serfs.

    Big Orange, Johnny Yen, tell me I'm totally wrong, please.