Aug 27, 2007

With apologies to GETKristiLOVE

Which is hotter?

A hot dog with peppers?

Or a Hairy hot dog just home from a walk in the heat?


  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    A hot dog with peppers??? Never heard of that one. It must be a Western "thing". I've always been more of a mustard and relish person myself.
    But I suppose it is hot (you know, hot dogs and peppers).

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    That's not a hot dog, that's a salad. Give me a New York dog any day.

  3. Dick and Kirby: I have never seen a dog with peppers (and all the rest) either. Give me plain dogs with hot mustard and I am a happy man!

  4. I say the dog walking in the heat. My little dog always looks like he is going to drop after walking around the block (granted he's a tiny dog and his little legs, a mile is probably 10 to him.)
    He uses it as an excuse to slurp some water then take a nap on someone's lap.

  5. Anonymous11:15 PM

    That hot dog with peppers is a Chicago Style hot dog. They are sooooo good!!! I usually have the peppers on the side, just in case I'm whimpy that day.

    The hairy dogs look pretty hot to me, though.

  6. I only eat hot dogs when I am pregnant so I'd take those hairy dogs any darn day.

  7. Anonymous8:36 PM

    they both look like weenies.

  8. Of the three dogs, I'd say the black & white one is the hottest, evident by the tongue long enough to touch the floor.

  9. GkL- is it wrong of me to suggest that only a self proclaimed ho would have noticed that?

    I have to go with the black and white dog. I don't like all that junk on my hotdogs, just mustard.


  10. how cute are the two fo you. you both have grey in your beards