Aug 6, 2007

Post #300

I was saving this post for a special occasion. We had plans to spend 3 days on the western part of Colorado in Steamboat Springs this past weekend. Kathy was part of a 12 person team competing in the Wild West Relay.

She left Thursday night to spend the night in Loveland Colorado, then they started Friday morning early. 2 vans with six people apiece per team covering 195 miles, going up over Rabbit ears pass. It is quite the event! Anyway, I drove over to Steamboat Saturday morning to meet the team, and Kathy and I rented a condo for a couple of days. Skyler had been out of sorts the past couple of days, but we didn't think anything of it. But he became more and more agitated at being out of his element and in some hectic surroundings. This all culminated in him having a seizure, then not sleeping at all that evening.

Sooooo, we came home Sunday morning instead of staying and enjoying ourselves.

The final insult? No refunds on the condo, just read the contract buddy...

Oh well, we tried to get out, maybe someday we actually can.

Sorry this is such a blathering and mixed up, I am operating on no sleep and have been interrupted a dozen times while typing.


  1. Jeeze, the condo people are jackasses - did you tell them you had a medical emergency and everything?

    I'm sorry Skydad. Can you get out for lunch and I'll buy you a Guinness? Or multiples even - Guinni!

  2. I'm sorry you two couldn't enjoy yourselves more. Does Skyler take medication to calm him down.

    Do you? :P

    Does it comfort him just to know that you and the wife are with him?

  3. Thanks Kristi, I would love to meet for lunch. Email me and the usual suspects and we can get something together!

    Or, we could do an FAC if you would like.

    Teri: Skyler is on seizure meds, but I think he needs some mood stabilizers also. My wife disagrees with me. So he isn't on anything...

  4. An attorney I know said anytime there's no refunds on a contract it can usually be argued successfully. Only problem is you have to hire a competant attorney to argue it for you.