May 14, 2008

I am the 3rd from the left in those evolutionary charts

I took a couple of photos of my surgery site to share while under the influence of great pain killers, because that's what everyone wants to see, right? Sure you do...

They had to cut it open, couldn't get the repair done with a scope, so the recovery will be longer. I was hoping for a better outcome. All the yellow is bruising, which is kind of a weird color, but I am told it's normal.

So how do you tie your shoes when you only have one hand? The answer is you don't, you go get slide-locks for the laces! Very handy little things they are.

As I look at my pictures I am struck by how grey I have become! Holy shit, first my beard now chest hairs, what is up with that!?


  1. I got the willys looking at the surgery site. What does yellow bruising indicate?

    Grey hair is not so's natures way of letting everyone know you are a mature person...hahahahaha

    Hope you are feeling better and your recovery is quick

  2. thanks for that sexy chest shot, as well.

    I'm glad all went well.

  3. Looks like you're healing nicely. My blonde husband is also turning gray these days, but he's in denial and insists he's still blonde. What a ditz! LOL

  4. Hope you are recouperating!

  5. OOoohhh, nice chest pic there...I hate to say it but the grey is going to keep working it's way down!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Anonymous11:13 AM


  7. How are you feeling? I mean, I know you just had surgery and all, so that probably hurts, but, you know, not counting the pain, are you okay?

  8. Don't go throwing any punches for awhile.

  9. Anonymous8:52 PM

    So your blog has turned into one of those beefcake thingees huh?

  10. I like meds. Please share.

  11. Gadzooks, man! The Grays are on the move!!

    MILK SHAKES: I've got lots of blonde hairs and when I find one that looks suspiciously grey (or just white, in my case), I just tell myself it's really, REALLY platinum. Your hubby is stelling himself the same thing. And just you wait till you start finding some on YOUR head, sistah!!

    RAVEN: There's a solution for that problem, you know... Of course, I advocate manscaping as a general rule anyway (then again, for some odd reason, almost ALL of my body hair is white and has been since I turned 14...)

    SKY DAD: that's a nice chest shot ya' gots there, but to be REALLY hawt, like MEE, you need a big ol' tattoo right above your nip stretching to your clavicle. Like mee!!

    Seriously, that sucks-- they had to peel you like an orange to get to the bits they needed to? Wow. That sux. And the whole slide-clip biz-- I dunno bout that: why not slip-on sabots? Or is there still too much snow up there?

    There's always Crocs, you know... Soft, comfy, H2O proof, no laces...

  12. cheer: some people bruise black and blue, i usually bruise yellow. dont know why!

    teri: With me, sexy chest shot is an oxymoron!

    Mom: was beyond blonde as a young kid, almost white!

    Grant: thanks a lot!

    raven: it already moved south...

    la cat: thanks for being a reader, and i like your blog too.

    chris: doing pretty well, sleeping is the toughest. i have to sit up in a recliner at night because the arm really hurts to hang forward or backwards

    leonesse: i mostly rely on my ability to run fast instead of fighting.

    suze: sure, yeah... i am waiting for a call from Abercrombie and Fitch any time now...

    dale: oh hell no! think Charleton Heston saying from my dead cold hands!

    Captain: can i hire you out to do all my blog comments? it would save me lots of time!

  13. I keep having surgeries just for the vicodin.

  14. Step up to Oxyconton Pistols, you will like it mo better!

  15. I can't have this kind of smut on my blogroll! Come on... it's all gray hair and slide locks!

  16. ooh the yellow
    i hope that means you are the bionic man

  17. Slide locks are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  18. Give me oxy or give me death!