May 3, 2008

Skyler the news hound

Skyler has always been fascinated with the news, particularly the weather. We have been looking into possible jobs for him in the industry after he gets out of school next year. There are a couple of options that may be possible for him to do, dealing with archiving of stories or making DVDs of news stories that people request. It depends on whether or not his technology can run their stuff, and whether someone would want to take on a challenge like Skyler.

We are hoping it can work out!

We recently met with Tom Mustin and Brooke Wagner of the local CBS affiliate News4. They are both quite nice and answered a lot of questions Skyler had. We met Tom at a race and he ran along with us talking for awhile. Really great guy who has time for us "little people"!

They told us about a funny promo video that their station put together for the News version of the Emmy awards. They won a couple of awards, and the video made it out to youtube. check it out, they made fun of themselves and did something along the lines of "The Office"...


  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    When Skyler gets a job, can he spot me a loan?

  2. Go Skyler! Sounds like a great start. Maybe he will go to weather school and learn how to run that doppler thingy. :) These local weather people don't do such a great job predicting the weather here in the mtns...maybe Skyler can fix that.

  3. skyler will do a much better job that the weathermen do now!

  4. "Lion or Tiger or Bear... oh my!" made me laugh.

    Good luck to Skyler! And if he gets a behind the scenes look at how they do the weather, he can let us know what we've suspected all along... that the weathermen just toss a dart at a chart full of random weather terms before doing the five day forecast.

  5. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Archiving news stories. Right. He's just using that as an excuse to get next to the anchor babes.

  6. Suze: Skyler has to pay off mom and dad first, get in line!

    Mom: First rule of Denver weather forecasting is that Denver stops where it meets the foothills.

    D-Cap: He will just open up the window and look out, nice concept, huh?

    Mcgone: That was a great video, wasn't it?

    Kirby: Me pushing Skyler into a job at a news station is my way of getting next to the anchor babes!

  7. Wouldn't it be great if they gave Skyler a shot???

  8. Good luck to Skyler. How did he get interested in the weather?

  9. Here's hoping - I suggest an Extreme version of the weather, like "Super Doppler all in ya grill, bitches!"

    Why not?

  10. BTW, dude, you’ve been tagged.

  11. So what kind of compatible technology are we talking about here?

  12. Beth: we are hoping!

    Leonesse: Thanks a lot.

    Cheer: Skyler got interested in the weather because it combines computers and good looking women. His two favorite things!

    Pistols: Word up!

    GB: Skylers communications device has the ability to act like a universal remote control. It will learn any IR code that a remote control can use.

  13. Whoa, so Skylar is like all Robocool and all?! Sweeet.

    Can he mess with people's garage doors because I would visit just to sit in your front window and watch that!

  14. That's cool--I was a newshound when I was a kid too. Good luck setting Skyler up.

  15. Why do newspeople always have the worst hair? Skyler would be a fine addition to pretty up the place a bit.