May 6, 2008

A Meme of Lists, or a List of Memes

The best looking top of a head out in bloggerdom tagged me with a new meme, a list of lists. Thanks Beth, here we go...

Ten years ago:
I was working as a System Administrator at USWest (which has now been consumed by Qwest Communications). I was taking care of around 100 Sun, MIPS and HP Servers in two computer rooms in Denver and Minneapolis. I had to travel once or twice a month up there, and still have several friends who live up there.

Skyler was 7, and we were just getting into how the school system works for a kid with special needs. Here is a hint, it sucks...

5 Things on todays to-do list:
I am becoming more of a list maker, mostly because of my increasingly poor memory...

1. Take the Van in for brakes
2. Finish the landscaping wall in the front yard.
3. Buy beer.
4. Clean up dog poop.
5. Start new list for meme that has at least one fantastically interesting thing on it! (to be done later)

If I were a Billionaire:
Since this is Billion with a "B" and not a paltry Million, I can really go big here!
1. Like Beth said, set up my family and friends. They have been here for me and deserve to kick back and take it easy.
2. Housing - Bigger and more handicap friendly house for to better take care of Skyler. Plus a place up in the mountains that I miss so much!
3. Housing mentioned above would have guest quarters for live in help. A full time, trained care professional that can help with Skyler so that I might even be able to take Kathy out to a movie, imagine that!
4. I would buy myself a toy, a gyro-copter or something really fun like that. I have always wanted to fly!!!
5. Last but not least, establish a group home that is a well staffed and caring facility for all of my friends who have kids with special needs. There are a lot of them out there, and they need a place to feel loved, and have a place where they can know the feeling of self-worth.

3 bad habits:
I should let Kathy write this, it would drive her nuts trying to decide what 3 are the worst...
1. I swear a hell of a lot, I mean a whole fucking lot. I am lucky I have a non-verbal kid who can't repeat after me.
2. Walking around naked. I don't sleep with anything on, and have a habit of getting up and walking around taking care of Skyler, getting a drink of water, checking on the dogs, etc... All without clothes...
3. I have bad feeding habits. I take stuff out of the refrigerator, try a bite, put it back in. I use the same spoon I used for eating to scoop up something out of a bowl and serve it. What can I say, I love to share!

5 places I have lived:
If I don't count the Navy where I lived on a ship that visited a whole lot of places, it gets pretty boring.
1. Idaho Springs, Colorado - Born and raised there.
2. Golden Colorado - First place I lived with a high school buddy after moving out on my own.
3. Pearl City, Hawaii - While the ship was getting repaired in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, a couple of buddies and I rented an apartment and about went broke. Even back then, Hawaii was expensive.
4. Lakewood, Colorado - Where Kathy and I lived after we met each other.
5. Westminster, Colorado - Where I live now.

5 jobs I have had:
1. Ski shop in Idaho Springs. Worked there for a long time growing up, being a ski bum, and having a great time!
2. Loveland Ski area - Worked there during the summer dong new construction on a lift. This is the hardest job I ever had, carrying around 300 pound snowmaking pipe, cutting down and limbing trees, digging drainage trenches, and all at 11,000 feet!
3. Colorado Dept of Highways - Road crew working on the Mt Evans highway. This is the highest road in the United States, and the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.
4. Navy - It's not just a job, it's an adventure! No, wait, that's the Army... Navy, it's not just a job, it's kind of like scraping out a dumpster, painting it grey, and living in it for 4 years!
5. Several different jobs in the wonderful world of computing. After I got out of the Navy, I decided I didn't want to go into Air Traffic control, and my only other skill (beside consuming alcohol and drugs) was in computers. So here I am today!

5 people to tag?
Nah, I have done enough tagging, people are probably sick of me. But, I love to read what others would say, so feel free to do this on your own.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Were you the one on CNN shoveling in the snow naked? I thought that was you!

  2. Suze: I don't have a good body, but it's a lot better than that guy!

  3. Walking around naked is a bad habit? I need to update my meme post, I guess ...

  4. Very cool! I think I'll take a stab at this later this week.

  5. Now an air traffic controller has a starting salary of $120,000. If you had invested in gold or silver with that kind of dough you would have been a billionaire. There is always more options to invest in....

  6. Getting a drink of water = good naked
    Checking on the dogs = bad naked

  7. Beth: Good when it's you, bad when it's me!

    Bubs: Looking forward to it.

    PMDE: No starting salary is worth that kind of insanity.

    GKL: Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  8. I hope that beer on your to-do list is for me. I just had to take my car into the shop.

  9. naked billionaires in pearl city... sounds like a good show to me