Aug 16, 2008

For Chris

This is for Chris over at SomeGuy:

Found at:


  1. Looks more like coon crap to me. I've seen them drop half their weight in one load.


  2. Anonymous5:58 AM


  3. I found the text to be not all that informative. Can we not assume already that bear shit will be huge and multi-coloured?? What ELSE is there to distinguish it from other scat? And, more importantly than THAT, how do you get it off your shoes when you step in it hiking??

  4. I hope Megan doesn't spot it. She'll want to adopt it!

  5. Doc: Coon crap, coon crap, coon crap. I now have a new favorite expression!

    Falwless: So you appreciate good poop? I learn more about you each day.

    Cat: It's only ew if it's in a diaper.

    Cap: We can assume nothing about the bear other than he shits in the woods and Some Guys yard.

    Some Guy: I really hope I am wrong, nobody needs bears up close and personnel.