Aug 1, 2008

Quick Joke Friday

Veterinarians are reiterating their insistence that dog owners need to brush their pet's teeth for
better hygiene and a prolonged lifespan, and say if it's not done, serious doggy health problems can
arise. In response to the news, Crest has announced three new flavors to help dogs better take to
teethbrushing: The new toothpaste includes Spilled Garbage, Dead Bird and Some Other Dog's Poop.


  1. that's funny! I think dog's will love them.

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Hahahaha. I'm going to steal this joke and post it on my blog next week.

  3. I'm going to steal this joke and post it on my blog next week, but one day before Suze posts it on her blog, just to really piss her off. Thanks for your help, Skylers Dad!

  4. our dog Lucy will love the other dog poop one...she likes to eat poopcicles in the winter...

  5. i thought those were the new human flavors to be endorsed by mccain

  6. Is there an address I can write to? I've been looking for dead bird in a toothepaste, an aspirin, and a provolactic for some time now.

    You know, for a friend.


  7. We stock that in Aisle 5, bottom shelf, about halfway up.