Jan 16, 2009

Friday Fun; Updated Monopoly Cards



    I love these!

    I swear you find the coolest shit.

  2. Tag, you're it! If you've done this meme before, feel free to make stuff up.

  3. Ha ha ha!! Those are great! :-)

  4. These were great! I especially liked the sale of the tech stocks for $14! HA!

  5. yeah, but how have they redesigned the BOARD to go w/the cards? Is Boardwalk surrounded by rent-a-cops in sunglasses while that pale bloo space right after GO is the ghetto?? Have they replaced the railroads with Humvees??

  6. It's so funny you posted these - I dressed up as Rich Uncle Pennybags (the Monopoly Guy) for Hallowe'en last October, and I printed these and handed them out to party guests. I also made a few of my own that were naaaaughty.

  7. I love anything Monopoly and these are grand!

    Also, I'd like to say I'm sorry because I swiped your blog title for a story of mine, but think of it more as an homage than stealing.


  8. Good stuff, Maynard!

  9. hi, you left a comment on my blog about having had your shoulders done. i have to have a rotator cuff repaired and anything you can enlighten me with would be gladly appreciated. i couldnt get through to your email for some reason, that's why i caught you on here, sorry.

    these monopoly cards are funny!

    i was browsing thru your other blogs, and it made me tear up at the devotion you and your wife have with your darling son.
    the time it takes to care for him, is unbelievable, not many people could do it, and do it so well. as you both describe a regular day with him, i can't even imagine the work involved.
    cudo's for that, although being a parent myself, i also would do whatever needed be done, for any of my kiddos. so cudo's doesn't really fit the bill. when you do something out of love it's simply that, out of love. whatever word would fit here, that's what i would say to you both. i hope you have enough help in the family/friend department so that you and the mrs. can have some special time alone to reconnect. god bless your little family.
    i really mean that. specially your son, your lil angel on earth.
    he is so loved.


  10. how come my set doesnt have these - is it missing cards


  11. man $14 for sold socks.. I wish i was that lucky.. I got $10