Jun 21, 2007

Back home and all worn out

We made it home from the hospital late yesterday, and I am trying to get caught up on work/cleaning/peeking at blogs while operating at what can laughingly be called "a bit sleep deprived".

The procedure to put in Skylers G-Tube went well enough, but he is so stressed before going in he doesn't sleep, then he doesn't sleep in the hospital, now he doesn't sleep because he is too sore.

So, we walk around drooling on ourselves and try not to operate heavy machinery.

So many of you left such kind words that I can't possibly thank you all individually, so here is a big hug going to all of my blog friends for the well wishes. You people rock!


  1. Glad to know that Skyler and parents are all okay! Now get some well-deserved rest!

  2. Poppies...popppppies will make you sleeeeep.....

    Glad to hear you're all home safe.

  3. Ooooh, hoo, do I know 'bout that not sleeping shit. MAN that's the pits!! I suppose it wouldn't be right and ethical to slip him a few shots thru that new tube, would it? You know, make 'em a lil' bit drowsy?? you could tell anyone who found out you were merely sterilizing the inside of the tube... I'm sure it's in the medical lit somewhere...

    Seriously, I'm widcha on this one, toots: surgery on special needs kids is tough, tough, tough. Is Skyler vocal? Can he tell you when the pain is really bad? Hell, didn't they GIVE him a pain med with the pleasant side-effect of being sleep inducing? I mean, hell, I MAKE them gimmie them pills when I hurt!!

  4. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Good luck. You are a seasoned veteran. Much love coming your way.

  5. A big hug back to you, if you need to sleep on my shoulder while I hug you that would be ok. I will just make sure I have a drool towel placed there first.

  6. Thanks a lot JY.

    Kirby: Poppies, as in opium? Tried that in Korea, thought I had super powers...

    BO: Skyler can't talk, so finding out how much pain he is in is a challenge. We are doing over the counter stuff for pain, but I thought they would have wrote a script for something a tad better.

    Thanks Anon.

    Cheer: That sound soooo nice, thank you.

  7. Skyler is so lucky to have such great parents!

    Being a parents is hard enough...through a surgery in the mix and I would probably die of stress related illnesses.

  8. Thanks Dirty, but I think you would do whatever you needed to for your kids also!

  9. Glad it all went okay, welcome back to the grind.