Jun 11, 2007

Perfect Husband

I got this from one of the gals at the gym. The girls out there can enjoy the sentiment, the guys can enjoy the picture.

Everybody wins!


  1. Yeah, I got a feeling it would take a bit $umpn $umpn more to keep that blonde bunny hanging around.

  2. um, I don't think we woman win at all. there is NO such thing a perfect human being, let alone a perfect man but you guys get some nice eye candy to look at.

    where is our eye candy?

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    FRANKLY, I think that's a myth. Married wimmin ain't like that.

  4. Michael: Totally agree.

    Teri: OK, since I am equal opportunity across the board, I go in search of your eye candy!

    BO: Again, totally agree!

  5. This is funny.

    I think I got the perfect guy. No complaints from me, well almost none, he is brave enough when it comes to me but not his mom, some days he is an idiot, he is a bull in a china shop most of the time, energetic just at the right time, not so nutty perhaps stupid is the correct word here, very imaginative at the right time, not so sensitive when he tells me I am his marshmellow woman during PMS. Other then that he is perfect.

  6. Cheer: Nice to hear someone with compliments for their guy.

  7. I need to make a correction/additon I thought Industrious was imaginative, so scratch imaginative at the right time even tho he is, and add industrious when he uses duct tape to fix about everything. Pretty smart guy!

  8. Anonymous5:26 PM

    wait a sec-- you DO realize that if she stood up, her LEGS would be 11' long?? That would scare hell outta me, franklee...

    I think we have a cultural myth in operation here, let's call it "The Myth of the Horny Married Woman" (you can remove "married" if you feel like it). Maybe I can incorporate it into my thesis??

  9. BO: That should be the main point of your entire dissertation.

  10. in my best joe pesci as leo getz impression "ok, ok, ok, ok, ok" .... obviously a GUY made this because if a WOMAN had made it, she would not have put a picture of another WOMAN on it ....

    ... and their penis's are what get GUYS in trouble in the first damn place ... so a bigger one ... is only gonna get them into more trouble ... jeez

  11. My best friend (who is a man whore) always says that there are 3 ways to pick up chicks.

    1) A lot of money
    2) A lot of coke
    3) A big penis

    BO...I am a married woman and I like to think I look like that. Okay, so maybe I have stretch marks but that's why I go tanning.

  12. Wait. I don't get it.