Jun 21, 2007

Did Phillip Fart?

You make the call!


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    "silent but(t) deadly!!"

    actually, he's laffin' at that chick in the fun-kay hatt...

  2. fffffppppppptttttt. Pardon me!

    Definetly a stink bomb released by someone. Philip does look guilty, but the Queen could be just as guilty, perhaps she is better at hiding the fact that she let it go then he is.

  3. Wait wait! I took a better look at the pics. In the second picture doesn't it look like Charles is trying to sniff the smell? Hahah gross!! This reminds me of Davis Fishgold in 7th grade. He would alwyas try to smell other kids farts. He was so disgusting! Ended up in jail too, the freak! Not for fart sniffing, butt embezzelment.

  4. Hey BO, careful there. I have a hat just like that!

    Cheer: I believe they sew the Queens butt shut, don't they?

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I believe the Queen's official comment was, "We hath smelt it, though we dare not hath dealt it."

  6. With the proper Royal underbite, right Kirby?

  7. The way he's leaning ever-so-slightly is the giveaway.

    He definitely ripped one.