Jun 14, 2007

Deadspots Dumb Meme

Got this from Johnny Yen, what is the dumbest question you have ever been asked?

There are so many it is hard to pick just one. But for sheer stupidity, I have to go back to the year I graduated from High School. I worked the best job I have ever had, on the road crew opening and taking care of the road up to the top of Mt Evans.

Mt Evans is the highest road in North America, going up to 14,200 feet. We start trying to open it around the end of May, generally having to close it a couple of times during the summer due to snowfall.

Here is a picture taken from the top around August.

There is an entrance at Echo Lake that is the start of the road to the top, where we would drive up to, and then start up to where we ended the previous days work in the snowblower and bulldozer.

Here is the gate area, taken before the clearing of the road begins.

This is the scene of the stupidest question ever, uttered by Ma and Pa from the flatlands from the window of the Winni-bego:

Is that there road up the hill closed?


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Here's one:
    I was in a brand new Walmart last december. I was looking for tennis balls for my dog. I couldn't find them. I ask an employee where they are. She looks at me and says: "Well, what do they look like?"..
    I said: "Well, they look like TENNIS BALLS."..

  2. Dumbest question anyone ever asked me...there are so many.

    After childbirth my husband asked "Did that hurt?"

    I thought that was a pretty dumb thing to ask.

  3. Dick: Who on earth doesn't know what Tennis balls look like!?

    Dirty: Did you pull your husbands lip up over his head and ask if that hurt?

  4. I should have, right?

  5. Spooney12:20 PM

    This might not be the dumbest, but it's up there. One time I told some stupid chick I worked with that I didn't eat meat & she asked "oh my god, what do you eat then?"

    "Ohhhh....dirt I guess" I said

  6. Dirty: Totally should have!

    Spooney: I guess you could have answered "all that other stuff that comes on the plate"...

  7. Did they ask if there was an elevator to the top next?

    I had a stoopid customer once when working in tech support who logged a call saying "she was typing and nothing was coming out." I asked her if she had put her cursor/mouse into the window and clicked to make it active and she asked, "I have to use this mouse?"

  8. We live in the mountains about 20 miles from Denver right next to I-70. Working at the local Dairy King in high school, I was asked by a family from a flat non-snow producing state, "Do y'all have to move to Denver in the winter to live? How do you get your food up here?
    Duh, We move into the cave and hibernate till spring!!

  9. Looks like winters from my childhood.


  10. That reminds me of a cartoon in the old Mad magazine-- a guy walking up to a train conductor who's standing next to a train, under a sign that says "Train to Altoona," and the guy walks up to him and asks "Is this the train to Altoona?"

  11. GKL: That reminds me of the list of stupid questions from National Parks visitors, I must go digging again!

    Sandi: Ahh, the good old Dairy King!

    Doc: Where did you grow up?

    JY: I haven't seen Mad magazine in quite awhile, is it still out there?

  12. Yes, it is-- not nearly as funny as it was when we were kids.

  13. Sort of like SNL huh Johnny?