Jun 14, 2007

The Prez and Pretzels

Vikki over at Bells On: The Monday Flu had one of her usual great posts about GW, and Michael
responded that we needed pretzels.

This got me thinking about something I had seen a long time ago, so I went digging. So, for your flash animation pleasure, I present to you the Dishonest Dubya action figure, complete with Pretzel-Retching action!


  1. I made him choke on a pretzel three times. Thanks, that was gratifying.

  2. [i]"We cannot let terrorist nations hold this country hostile or hold our allies hostile."[/i]

    [i]"When we're talking about war, you have to understand we're really talking about peace."[/i]

    I propose a national day in which we officially replace "I'd like to have been a fly on the wall at that conversation" to "I'd like to have been a pretzel in the throat of that son of a bitch."

  3. Thanks, I needed that!

    Hey, remember when people sent potatoes to the White House to lampoon Dan Quayle? Maybe we could send bags of pretzels to the White House to get a message across...

    No, we don't want that. Then we'd get Dick Cheney. At least W. is Stupid Evil.

  4. GKL: It is quite fun, isn't it?

    Michael: I like it, a whole new expression brought on by the countries dislike for GW.

    JY: Yeah, Cheney is scary evil.

  5. I want one of those toys. (I added the link to my favorite links section. That way I will get hours of enjoyment, I plan to send it to everyone I know.)

  6. Good for you Cheer, spread the fun!

  7. Kristi: only THREE times?? Man, you're easily satisfied.

    Sky Dad, you my hero.

  8. I made him yak a pretzel in the middle of saying something stupid, it was a thing of beauty...