Jun 11, 2007

Just for Peach Pit - Part II

Hmmm, I don't believe I will ever be the same again after doing a search on Hunky Coke Guy...

Anyway, bowing to your tremendous pressure for less clothes and your affinity for the Coke commercial dude, here you are!


  1. OooHHH Yeah! I searched for the coke guy on you tube, got nada, searched yahoo got nada, looked here and found him. You are my hero.

    This guy is soooo yummy!!!!

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Hunky Coke Guy? Good thing you didn't google Hung Coke Guy.

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM


    Oh! ahem!! yes!! ::wipes up:: Right. Uh, where were we? Oh, yes, open your Bibles to page 12...

  4. Cheer: I do what I can for my readers.

    Kirby: I knew better than that. I have enough issues with inadequacy!

    BO: OK, my friend, who highjacked your account? ;^)

  5. Now, I love the Coke guy but the Santa guys are much hotter.


  6. I prefer brain candy over eye candy but that's just me.

  7. Something is not quite right with the santa guys. They look like they are trying to hard.

  8. Teri: I aim to please...

    Dirty: You will have to let me know how brain candy works. Do you like smart guys, or guys that stimulate your frontal lobe?

    Cheer: Well aren't you miss hard-to-please? ;^)

    Grant: I don't know, but I hate him.

  9. Well it looks like I walked in on a good day! Hello Santa!

  10. Welcome Lulu, thanks for dropping by!

  11. Brain candy is not someone who is extra smart...I don't like feeling dumb.

    Brain candy is someone who can make me think...it's a beautiful thing...far more beautiful than muscles.