Jun 15, 2007

He did it again!!

Paul Potts, the cellphone salesman from the UK is through to the next round with his outstanding rendition of Con Te Partiro , at least I believe that is what it is called.


  1. I love that guy! I wish I could get the Brit shows.

    By the way, your answer to "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" on Flannery's blog was hilarious!

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Nice voice, but with a name like that, wouldn't the obvious choice be "Holiday in Cambodia" instead of arias?

  3. Anonymous12:44 AM

    what's that? Phol Pot is singing opera? Well damn!!

  4. watch out Pavarotti (sp?)

    if this guy does not win, I'm going over there and knockin some heads together.

  5. Thanks Beckeye!

    Kirby and BO: His name didn't even register with me that way until you pointed it out! How dumb am I?

    Teri: I'll go with you, he is excellent!