Sep 10, 2007

Doc takes my interview questions and knocks them out of the park!

Doc asked to be interviewed, and who can resist someone who likes beer? Check out the exchange over at his place. Chris mentioned I was the next Barbara Walters, but I neglected to ask Doc what kind of tree he would be... Oh well, maybe next time.

Thanks a lot Doc, it was fun!


  1. Oh! Pick me!

    You do a fine interview.

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    after reading Doc's stuff I go back through the stuff I've got stacked up and ready to publish... and I consider deleting it all. he's just too damned good of a writer for me to compete with...

    ---Big Orange

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    ...wait! I DID delete it all!! right after I got shitcanned for blogging!! Duuuh...


  4. heh! it was great! Check out his family motto-- better than the one from Lake Wobegon!!

  5. Why quit? Obviously you handle both of them simultaneously quite well and you need the one that pays the bills!