Sep 8, 2007

Doggy Heaven!

At the end of the season, just before they close the Seacrest pool, they have a tradition of letting dog owners bring in their pooches for the last day. We have been going for quite a while, and this is today's fun. It was pure pandemonium!

The boys:

Kathy, Hootie, and Yordi:

Hootie the diver:

I climbed up on the slide for a few more pics:

Poor quality videos of the pool from my camera, sorry:


  1. That's such a great idea!

  2. Anonymous5:12 PM

    What a good idea.

  3. That IS a jolly good idea. I wonder if the dogs look forward to it all summer, like little kids would??

    Reminds me of a book of poetry by Ray Bradbury called "Dogs Think Every Day is Christmas."

  4. Thanks all, I think it's a great idea also. There are a couple of other pools that are starting to catch on to the idea now. We saw them on the news.

  5. Pure pawdemonium, more like.

  6. I loved the videos and the dogs looks so happy! Thanks!

    Too many exclamation point? Do you have a exclamation point limit? :)

  7. looks like tremendous fun.

  8. GKL: Ouch, that pun actually hurt.

    Zed: I draw the line at 20 exclamation points!

    Teri: it really was a lot of fun, and the dogs all got along! Whodathunkit