Sep 7, 2007

What Would Flannery Do?

The always excellent Flannery Alden has agreed to be interviewed by me. This is somewhat like Forrest Gump interviewing Shakespeare, and she was kind enough not to point out my ridiculous questions!

And get this - she promises a photo of the new "do"!

So go check out the exchange here!


  1. I want to see the new 'do. I've been thinking about getting it done myself!

  2. I read that... I'm lookin' forward to doo pix, meself!! (I mean that chick can WORK a Pirate baret!!)

  3. You're the next Barbara Walters, S.D.! Well done!

  4. GKL: You could rock that look!

    HL: You must share the pirate baret photo.

    Chris: Thanks, if I could just develop a lisp!

  5. Look here for the pirate baret.

    Great interview. Would you do me next?

    Wait. That didn't come out right.

    I just want an interview.


  6. Very good hat shot Doc! And...You are correct, that really didn't come out right. But I will be happy to interview you! Stay tuned...