Sep 6, 2007

How to cope with death

This is how I intend to go out...

How to Cope with Death via Koreus


  1. oh. my. god. That was fucking BRILLIANT! Absolutely brilliant!! Now I have something to practice for!!

    Best damned thing I've seen all week!!

  2. I have to utterly agree with the above. Holy Shit!

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    God Talk Fodder!!

    I noticed in the comments to the video on YouTube that someone said, "this is all wrong. Death is a beautiful woman."

    that's a good point!! If Death IS goin around tryin' to scare the shit outta people-- the falling rags, the wings, the extendo-neck-- then he DESERVES to be beat to "death" with a rocking chair!!

    ---Big Orange

  4. I'm with you folk. Even death should have his arrogance punished!! 17 times!!

    (death also needs to look at all the trophies on the shelf before he decides to fuck with old ladies).

  5. That was excellent! Never--I tell you NEVER--mess with the senior citizen crowd.

  6. LOL, I've felt like doing this with various employers. I've seen this kind of attitude at the Denny's early bird dinners.

  7. I've watched this 20 times, probably. Solenbum likes the 17 Thwacks With A Chair the bestest.


  8. AGS: always happy to add a smile!

    Teri: Ditto to you!

    BO: I miss god talk... sniff...

    Lemon: I didn't notice the trophy's at first, thanks for pointing them out.

    Zed: Wise words indeed, and thanks for dropping by.

    Raven: Dennys!! Ha ha ha

    Ghost: Uh oh, you are revealing your secret identity...

  9. You know I always love a movie with a strong female role.

  10. Oh really Kristi? :^)