Feb 7, 2008

The 500th post

I have tried to come up with something interesting, thought provoking, or some sage wisdom for the big 500th post event. But sadly, I just don't have the energy lately for anything other than my usual quirky humor and video posts.

So I thought I might try something different.

Since one of the reasons I started this blog was to let everyone in on my life with Skyler, I thought why not open it up to those of you who are curious about anything.

So here is the deal:

Ask me any question. Ask me a bunch of questions! No subject is off the table. You want to know my deepest feelings about raising a boy with CP, what goes on in our lives, anything at all.

Just ask.

Send me a list of questions if you want, or just ask in the comments section. It really doesn't matter, I will be honest with you and try and give you a little glimmer about the world we live in.

So open up, let 'er rip, the balls in your court.


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Hey Happy 500th! Will there be cake later?

  2. Here's one for your 500th bday - If Skyler could instantly walk tomorrow, what would be the first thing you'd do?

  3. Sorry for the ignorance of my questions, and of your specific situation; 1. I do know that there are varying degrees of impairment both physically and cognitively, how severe is Skyler's condition? 2. What are Skyler's long term goals (plans? hopes?)?

  4. Dear Brother,

    Congrats on your 500th post. At my current level of post, I will achieve that milestone well...never. You and Kathy have raised a wonderful young man and I am proud to have him as my nephew in spite of his choice of schools.
    All my love

  5. I have a couple questions... First, I'm intrigued by how Skyler communicates. How does that work? My next question (and I hope this isn't rude) -- are there financial resources available to help your family with this? I mean, my wife had to go for a ride in the shiny new ambulance a few weeks ago (she's fine now); they charged us $798 for a three-block ambulance trip. I can't imagine what it must cost for some of the specialized equipment for Skyler... Are there funds available? What organizations help out with this sort of thing? You certainly don't have to answer if you don't want to, and I hope you don't find my questions offensive...

  6. Sir, congrats on your 500th post, and on spreading the word about CP.

    My question would be: what's the most annoying thing people ask you about Skyler?

  7. 500 posts? God you're old. No, kidding, congrats!

    And Q&A! I love Q&A!

    Here's a statement mixed with a question:
    My sister used to babysit for this awesome little girl named Leslie, who had CP. Does Skyler know her? OKAY JUST KIDDING! My real question is: do you believe that people with CP are much much MUCH smarter/sharper than non-CP people, kind of like those who are blind develop sharper senses of smell/hearing, etc?

    I just remember Leslie being hilarious and VERY perceptive. She was like 8 at the time.

  8. I was quickly scanning this when I saw "rip...balls" and wondered what yew were up to...

  9. TG: I have been laughing at the responses from you because they are so much like me! It is exactly what I would do, read quick and reply before reading the whole series :^)

    But your question here isn't really too far fetched, Skyler has an amazing memory for things that he has seen in the past. I attribute it to the fact that because he is a slave to his body, he must sit there and watch and not interact that much with his world. So all he has to do is really just take in the world!

  10. Happy Milestone! Looking forward to the Q&As.