Feb 21, 2008

People messing with Nature

I have been collection stories and video for awhile of different things I see that I just don't understand. What is the fascination to live among animals that can tear you apart? Why try and think that we can alter nature, even if we have raised an animal from a baby? Doesn't the risk outweigh the "awwww" factor?

Two guys raised a lion from childhood, then let it free in Africa to live with other wild lions. The men came back a year later to see how it was doing. Watch for the moment the lion recognizes them. What happens if the Lion doesn't recognize you?

How about this guy who lets his sled dogs play with the Polar Bears while chained up? Hey dude, chain yourself up out there!

And then there is this guy from Anchorage. There was an article in one of the newspapers about how he retired there and has been feeding the bears for 25 years in his backyard. The bears come and hang out with him and his guests, and he thinks they are his buddies.

This bozo even sits on them!

Be sure to bring along the kids too!!

Here is how I imagine this plays out:

Or am I way off base on this?


  1. Stephen Colbert hates those people.

  2. I guess if the lion didn't recognize those first guys, he would've walked right by them and then their feelings would've been really hurt.

  3. maybe this is a good thing-- thins out the gene pool??

  4. better question: why in th' hell name a lion "Christian"?? WTF??

  5. OH my God - the guy with the sled dogs is completely crazy. When I was in Alaska, our tour guy took us out there, just to see the dogs and bears, and the guy practically came running at us with a shotgun. He basically feeds the bears to keep them coming around, so that he can charge tourists to see them.

    It's all verrrry unsavory.

  6. I would assume the lion knew the men by their smell. Why do people think that wild animals, if they weren't raised by them, are like just stuffed animals?

  7. Haven't they seen Grizzly Man?!