Feb 13, 2008


From SiliconValley.com, comes this wonderful quote:

"For a computer geek like me, it's really sexy to hear Jessica talk about stable, semi-Lagrangian fluid flows."

-- Duncan Brinsmead of Autodesk, one of the many winners of science and technical Oscars on Saturday who were as thrilled with presenter Jessica Alba as they were about their prize. Said Ron Fedkiw, a Stanford University associate professor and consultant to Industrial Light and Magic on fluid simulation, "They said I got 60 seconds so I might just spend the last 15 realizing I'm 10 feet away from the most beautiful woman on the planet. And no restraining order this time."


  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Great, now I'm thinking about geeks and their fluid production.

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Hmm, so that's Pistols real name.

  3. :::and no restraining order this time:::
    Ooookay then...

  4. Kirby: Then my work here is done.

    Suze: Bwaaaa ha ha ha!

    Raven: Restraining order is just another way of saying I love you...