May 29, 2010

Air Force Academy Graduation

The 2010 class of cadets graduated last week down at the Air Force Academy outside of Colorado Springs. I got to see the ceremony many, many years ago, and it is very cool. All the Cadets marching into Falcon stadium and the final order given to the class - Class of , you are dismissed. When the timing is right, the Thunderbirds pass low over the stadium in formation right as the class all cheers and throws their caps in the air. Then the Thunderbirds put on an air show.

The backdrop couldn't be any more beautiful, because the Academy is right up against the foothills that start the Rocky Mountains. This video was shot from outside the Academy looking toward the mountains, and the person shooting did a pretty good job putting this together.

Here is the hat toss only:

Here is a fun fact that many folks don't know. The 3 jets that keep the diamond formation behind the lead aircraft burn an average of 5% more fuel due to the constant throttle adjustments and control surface movements needed to stay in such a tight formation.


  1. It is an amazing thing to watch, isn't it? Such precision at such speed, so high up in the air... just, wow.

  2. I almost stopped there the other day, but I wasnt sure how far from the highway it was. It doesnt seem too far, but its so deceiving out there.