May 5, 2010

Skylers TV Crushes, Part 2

Skyler seems to like meteorologists on TV more than anchors. I think it is because not only do they look good, but they get to play with cool toys and computers.

One of the nicest people you will ever meet is Angie Austin, who works on a local CW affiliate here in Denver, channel 2. Angie has known Skyler for quite some time now, and Skyler has toured their station a couple of times.

Of course Angie had to go and break Skylers heart by getting married, what's up with that? Her husband works at the station and proposed on-air.

Angie is really pretty cool, not only showing Skyler around, but letting him hang out right next to her, and also putting him on the air!

Angie's story is pretty amazing. She left home at 16 after being abused and worked part time to finish High School on her own and put herself through college. She is a great lady.


  1. Skyler likes blonds, huh? haha

    I love weather babes. Our local channels all have weather dudes. Not nearly as much fun. So, I watch the Spanish channel's morning show for their weather babe, Jackie Gerrido:

    In fact, now that you mention it, a post about my TV crushes might be a great idea. Hmmmm ....

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    No wonder he likes her, she's cute and perky and well...he KNOWS her and everything! I hope he insisted on sprizting some Axe body spray before hand. I hear it's a surefire way to catch the eye of those cute blonde ladies.

  3. I suspect it would be a little creepy if I wrote about my TV crushes?

  4. She sounds pretty amazing. He really does have great taste in women.

  5. He obviously prefers blondes. lol!

  6. Jay: Nice link dude!

    Doctor: She is pretty hot.

    Veggie: The combination of his smile and Axe would be too much for any women. We need to step in to make sure this never happens.

    Grant: I think you and I are the co-founders of the Robin Meade stalking club.

    Cora: Wait until we write about his all time favorite!

    Churlita: Yes he does, that's my boy!

    JJ: You would be surprised, sometimes it is Asian women.

  7. Way to go Skyler!

  8. Why is it that pretty well all weather girls have amazing bodies and most weather guys are lovable nebbishes? Go figure.

  9. love strong minded women and seems that Sklyer does too!