May 13, 2010

Hands Free Etiquette

Always announce who is near you when using the speakerphone.


  1. Ha ha. The poor guy got sabotaged.

  2. But if Jeff's defense, I know Katie, and she is kinda a bitch.

  3. so true!!

    same goes for people who use the "blue douche"

    Nothing is worse than having a conversation with your friend and have them start talking on their phone BUT NOT TELL YOU and you have half a conversation for 3 minutes before you realize they're ON THE PHONE!!

  4. oh i so relate
    my phone screwed up and would only work on speaker phone (yes it has since been replaced)
    but all the calls were PUBLIC and of course I sounded like I was in a hole.....
    we all know I don't stay there...just visit on occasion.

  5. I needed that laugh...