May 18, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday: It's a Foot Fetish!

Life has been handing me lemons lately, and I lost my recipe for lemonade. So this is a bit late today, my bad...

There is really some decent art work in this series, so I guess we can't really call them Bad Tats. But the pain factor of working on the foot puts them all in the heebie-jeebie category.

Dad is the grim reaper, but I can't tell if mom is a strange flower or a cheeseburger.

Bottom of the foot - Ow ow ow!!!

Smiling skull, cobwebs, Chiquita bananas???

That is really a great piece of work on the Rose.

Bats are cool, but I like the filled in look better than the hollow ones.

Go NASCAR... I wonder if he has to pit a lot with this tat?

Very creepy. Not a Black Widow because it doesn't have the hourglass, who knows?

I wonder if he went to a podiatrist so he knew exactly where all the bones went?

Pretty odd, but still kind of cool at the same time.

Gotta love the nautical theme.


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    You know, I hate it when bats fly out of my shoes! Especially, when they're GHOST bats. It's so presumptuous of them.

    Tell those lemons to eff off. Be gone lemons.

  2. bottom of the foot?!?

  3. The rose is very nice work. Like you, I question the locale. And I think the bat lady wimped out before the artist could fill in the hollow bats.

  4. This post would freak my daughter out. She has this weird aversion to feet.

  5. Is it weird that everyone's toes creeped me out so much that I barely noticed the tats? The rose tat is nice, though.

  6. I have done a couple of foot tattoos, one that went from slightly above the ankle down to the arch area. She almost didn't make it through that one. It has faded some since healing, but she swears that it is fine and will NEVER be touched up. :) The other was on the bottom of the foot of a friend of mine. I actually traced her daughter's baby footprint and tattooed it to the bottom of her foot. Unfortunately the bottom of the foot regenerates very quickly so tattoos completely fade in a couple of weeks. That tattoo was difficult to do because my friend was laughing so hard I had to keep stopping. She apparently did not have sensitive feet!

  7. I'm with you, I actually don't hate the bats. At least with the black pumps. It would probably look slightly less sexy with her fuzzy sock monkey slippers.

  8. That spider one is disgusting. I don't mind the bats though.

  9. I LOVE the spider tat and absolutely love the dandelion on the soul of the foot :)